Natural preservation technology

At Bio2Coat we fight against food waste and the excessive use of plastic packaging.

About Us:

Bio2Coat is a company that has its origin in the will of its founders to contribute to the reduction of food waste.

At Bio2Coat we are guided by the principles of the circular economy and disruptive innovation. Thus Bio2Coat is at the forefront of the fight against food waste and to reduce plastics that come from non-renewable sources.

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Developed and created by researchers from the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), our coverage for direct application on food is 100% natural.

The formulation takes advantage of the ingredients that nature introduces into food and when applied directly to the surface of food, our coating creates a semi-permeable barrier that controls respiration rate and reduces the loss of mass in food, prolonging the useful life.

These edible coatings leave no residue and do not cause any negative effects on the environment, making it a totally sustainable technology.

In addition, the Bio2Coat coating improves the visual appearance, prevents fungal attack and preserves the nutritional value for consumers.

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Increases the economic benefit, reducing losses and the rejection rate in fruit and vegetable production.

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Keeps produce fresh, tasty and healthy for longer.

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It preserves the smoothness, humidity and aromas of each product, and keeps them away from microorganisms.

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Protected fruit. Prevent the fruit from drying out and spoiling before consuming it.